Communities of Practice

For a knowledge-based agriculture.

No universal formula exists to remedy the challenges facing farmers. Farming systems, geography, and soil conditions vary considerably from community to community and from farm to farm. For this reason, experimentation lives at the heart of ASA’s knowledge-intensive approach. We work to establish life-long learning practices that help farmers make informed decisions about farmland management based on data, observations, and results. Access to knowledge and information, and the ability to critically analyze and share lessons learned are essential to adapting improved soil management practices to local conditions and making them sustainable.

We collaborate with our partners, allies, and the farmers themselves to cultivate communities of practice that put knowledge into action.

By reducing evaporation and increasing water filtration, more water is retained in the soil and made available to plants.
Up-to-date soil information is critical to facing the global challenges of changing weather patterns, water scarcity, and the increasing demand for food.
Collaboration is key to reaching thousands of farming families, as they utilize ASA practices to transform their approach to agriculture, revolutionizing the way they manage their soil and water.
We are building a sustainable approach to agriculture based on knowledge and the efficient, sensible use of agricultural inputs.
The Landscapes Community of Practice focuses on how ASA practices contribute to landscape restoration.
The Water Resources Management Community of Practice focuses on the role of water in ASA.