Collaborative Management

Collaboration is key to reaching thousands of farming families as they utilize ASA practices to transform their approach to agriculture, revolutionizing the way they manage their soil and water. Over the years, we’ve forged relationships across the public and private sectors, at local and national levels, with the shared goal of developing collective strategies and action plans to facilitate ASA adoption. Large-scale regional change can only happen if we work together.

Collaborative action for transformation

Experience has shown that preconceived, vertically-designed programming does not achieve large-scale replicable impact. Instead, we promote collective, participatory processes that account for local voices, experiences, and needs. Through collaboration, we develop a shared vision for a scalable, sustainable, politically viable approach to agriculture.

Developing a shared focus

Professionals across Central America and Mexico have valuable training and practical experience that enrich our work. Institutions have already developed processes geared towards community development and improving the lives of the families who can benefit from the ASA approach. We work to co-design and co-implement ASA programming with organizations and institutions that are well established within the community. This not only helps to adapt ASA to the local needs and environment, but it also contributes to the sustainability and scalability of the project.