ASA in Action

At CRS, the vision of our global strategy focuses on supporting communities with resilient agricultural livelihoods that sustain and restore the landscapes upon which they depend. Which is why we’ve crafted programs designed to work with agricultural communities so that they can make the best possible use of their land and water.

Through our programs, we’ve demonstrated that agricultural practices that manage soil and water well achieve significant changes for the better. We’ve seen first-hand how ASA revitalizes agricultural production, creates resilience to drought, and restores soil and water resources in critical ecosystems.

An agriculture landscape restoration initiative that puts the innovative water-smart agriculture practices of ASA to work to transform a swath of deteriorated farming landscape in El Salvador’s western department of Ahuachapán.
An agriculture landscape restoration program focused on building more sustainable agricultural systems and providing greater water security for communities in 15 municipalities in northeastern El Salvador, in the area known as the Dry Corridor.
Restores and protects water resources in coffee-growing communities, while increasing the productivity of coffee farms in three Central American countries.
The ASA tools and methodologies are being utilized in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Oaxaca (México). ASA has trained more than 1,000 agricultural professionals in conservation agriculture.