Who We Are

Agua y Suelo para la Agricultura (ASA) has worked with communities across Mesoamerica to help water-smart agriculture take root. Since 2016, ASA has worked with farmers to gather evidence of the impact of this approach to improve harvests, restore water resources and build resilience in the face of changing weather patterns. This evidence-based approach focuses on the productivity potential of small-scale rainfed agriculture. Together, we can empower smallholders to achieve harvests rarely seen in the region – with a ripple effect that benefits the greater community.

Use this platform to share knowledge, access resources and build momentum toward a regional solution for agriculture production.

Join us in growing a robust learning community.

ASA in Action

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) works with local and national partners to increase the crop yields and incomes of thousands families, by restoring soil health and protecting precious water resources.

These efforts are made possible through generous funding from the Howard G. Buffett Foundation.

The ASA approach has been refined over years of CRS agricultural programming across Latin America. Past and present programs have helped build a body of knowledge, tools and skillsets that feed innovation and fuel our ambitions to connect even more communities with the far-reaching benefits of water-smart agriculture. Public and private sector allies, along with a diverse array of civil society organizations,are our partners on this journey. Join the ASA community and help us extend the impact of water-smart agriculture in the region.

ASA Partners

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ASOMAINCUPACO - La Asociación para el Manejo Integrado de Cuencas de La Paz y Comayagua es una organización que contribuye con el mejoramiento de las condiciones de vida de las familias, el desarrollo económico y social del territorio, así como la protección y conservación de los recursos naturales de la región.
ACUGOLFO - La Asociación de Cuencas del Golfo de Fonseca es una ONG establecida en 1998 para restaurar y proteger las cuencas hidrográficas que impactan en el Golfo de Fonseca.
+503- 2658-8171